harshing the squee

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Don't feel too bad.  My 18-year old has never heard any particle of
"harshing the squee".  Since he and his older sisters foregather at the
ancestral manse every few months and sprawl like a litter of puppies on the
sofa, whence issues an amazing stream of pop cultural references and
hilarity, I'm sure none of them has heard the expression in the
Philadelphia-New Jersey region.

As frivolous time-waters go, ADS-L is to TVTropes as a cup of cocoa is to
opium cheesecake with methamphetamine frosting.

Seán Fitzpatrick
It’s a Gnostic thing. You wouldn't understand.

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I'm sure some of you have seen the term "harshing the squee" before,
or at least "squee." I had not. It proved to be one of two marvellous
finds today, as in exploring it I found an excellent site for pop
culture references complete with a trove of cites for each term and
reference it catalogs. See
http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Squee to discover the site
and find out what a squee is. (Once you know what a squee is, it's
not so hard to figure out what harshing one is, but I'll tell you the
best definition I've heard: "pissing in the popcorn." "Killing the
fanbuzz" is another one.)

I do find it a minor source of chagrin that a term could be so
popular and yet altogether new to me. Obviously I do not have

James Harbeck.

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