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Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton2 at BTINTERNET.COM
Mon Feb 22 04:08:07 UTC 2010

> Any chance HDAS will go into GB "limited view" like most other
> (non-OED) dictionaries to make it easier for us, amateurs?
> VS-)

Well, Volume 1 is almost obscenely cheap via abebooks, and I even managed to
get a virtually mint copy of Volume 2 for $20.  How much does a cup of
coffee cost?  I know this means that Jon won't get any royalties from a
second-hand sale, but at least you can have a copy on your shelf.

And as the Oxford policy about online/electronic access has come up, does
anyone have the least idea just what the expletive deleted is happening
about _The Historical Thesaurus of English_?  Now that it's finally out, it
not only doesn't seem to be available online, but isn't even available in
*any electronic (searchable) form.  Or have I missed something?  And as to
the price currently put on the hardcopy version ...



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