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My 93 year old godfather pronounces his name, Czajka, as ~Chieku (~ie as in "pie" and ~u as in "up" in ~truespel).  When the officer was calling out names in alphabetical order and came to a long pause, he said "present".

So if "nomconjobjs" is not a word, and not an acronym, what would you call it?  A morphnym? klugeword? nerdwerd? visonym or sightword? (because you can't pronounce it). And as such should it for plurals have an 's or s added ?

To me it's just terrible coinage, a coinboing (to coin a terrible coinage word).  If nomconjobj applies only to words that are given the nominative case after prepositions, then "prepnoms" might apply.

But it's interesting to hear that you think that a word that can't be pronounced is not a word.  I think so too.

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> On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 6:47 PM, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
>> Is "nomconjobjs" a word? Â I think not. Â It's impossible to say. Â Coiners have got to do better than that.
> It's not intended to be a word. It's an abbreviation for a
> grammatical construction: nominative + conjunction + obj. The "s" on
> the end is to make it plural.
>> My Polish friend is name Czajka. When asked how to pronounce it he says "Smith".
> Czajka is pronounced [ˈtÍ¡Ê‚Ì ajka], which cannot be written in Truespel.
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