Kryponite and garlic--(Why the hair-salon name "Krytonnite"?)

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At 1:01 AM -0500 1/5/10, Seán Fitzpatrick wrote:
>According to an article from the (Hamden, CT?)

New Haven Register, of which Hamden is an "inner suburb".

>(  - Kryptonnite Beauty Salon - Dominican Stylists)
>about the Kryptonnite hair salon:

Thankfully, there hasn't been enough flocking to affect the traffic pattern.

>"Women from the Caribbean know to look for the salon with the sign:
>These salons may as well advertise:  "We can handle any type of hair.'  They
>are the bronco busters of the hair world, the follicle tamers with no
>So, maybe the name is an allusion to their ability to tame "difficult" hair,
>and the non-standard spelling is just because they were never 10-year-old
>white American geeks (NTTIAWWT).  Or maybe the proprietor thought
>"Kryptonnite" looked cool, or it's her daughter's name.  Maybe it's just me,
>but the double-n version does look more feminine to me.

Yes, I think I agree with that.


>The image on the
>home page is somewhere between mediaeval and Sapphic.
>Sean Fitzpatrick
>Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?
>I blame Global Warming.
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>Here's a guess as to the origin of the hair-salon name "Kryptonnite."
>Kryptonnite is the only substance in the universe that can make Superman
>lose all his strength.  I don't remember if it knocks him out or merely
>renders him totally weak. Meanwhile, the 2 n's in "Kryptonnite" permit us to
>divide the word into "Krypton" plus "nite" (alternate spelling of "night").
>  So the hair-salon name humorously implies that the women who emerge from a
>hair-styling session there will be so feministically powerful that they can
>make even Superman go weak in the knees. They are therefore  sort of
>promised a Krypton night, i.e., an evening out in which they will can have a
>devastating effect on whichever men they may be interacting with.
>Gerald Cohen
>P.S. Btw, Superman (as a Superbaby) arrived on earth in a spaceship sent by
>his parents from the planet Krypton shortly before it blew up.
>>At 1/2/2010 10:13 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>>>There's a hair salon about a half mile from my house whose name is
>>>"Kryptonnite".  I have no idea why (or what's with the two n's), but
>>>I haven't seen Superman around the neighborhood, so I guess it works.
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