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Fri Jan 8 14:46:41 UTC 2010

At 1/8/2010 01:25 AM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>I ran across "Sand Script" today in an artist's statement, clearly
>referring to Sanskrit. This is in the eggcorn database, but I also found this:
>Some Sanskrit (Sand script) texts talk of coriander's cultivation in
>ancient India nearly 7,000 years ago although there are but a few
>plant fossils exist to back up the literature.
>Surely there is no basis for this, is there?

Which assertion -- that coriander was cultivated 7,000 years ago, or
that there exist a few plant fossils from then, or that Sanskrit
texts exist from 7,000 years ago, or that they talk about coriander
cultivation, or that Sanskrit was written in sand?  :-)


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