Junior High

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At 9:23 PM -0500 1/9/10, Wilson Gray wrote:
>Wel, that certainly precedes the naming of Junior Seau of the NE
>Patriots. And his name isn't even a pun.

Well, his last name has been treated that way, when he was younger
and more vigorous and playing for the SD Chargers--"Say 'ow'".  There
was Junior Gilliam of the Brooklyn Dodgers, but he was christened
James and sometimes even called Jim rather than Junior, so just a
nickname in his case (and countless others, especially those with a
Jr. after their name).  And the guy who started the cheesecake place
in Brooklyn (not Gilliam).


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>>  <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite="">Today's Raleigh News &
>>  Observer reveals that in 1921, Mr & Mrs. Loomis High of Wilson NC
>>  named their new little boy "Junior".</blockquote><br>
>>  I wondered, so ... the OED's earliest citation for "junior high
>>  school" is 1909.  Like other fads, it was probably popular for
>>  a while.<br><br>
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