None of us washes our rental cars (antedating 1985)

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I guess, it was worth asking. Thanks.


On 1/19/2010 1:07 AM, Garson O'Toole wrote:
> Victor Steinbok wrote
>> What's the timeframe on "own up [to]"? Just curious...
> OED DRAFT REVISION Sept. 2009 has an 1848 cite for "own up". Below is
> an antedating to 1843:
> own, v. 5 c. intr. orig. U.S. colloq. to own up: to make a full
> admission or confession, esp. when challenged or pressed; to confess
> frankly (to something). Also with that and clause.
> Citation: 1843, High Life in New York by Jonathan Slick (pseudonym of
> Ann Sophia Stephens), Page 129, Edward Stephens, New York.
> (The spelling in the following quote follows the text.)
> I own it eenamost kills me to begin, but the truth will out some time
> or other; and a feller that aint ashamed tu du wrong, must be a
> sneakin shote if he can't pick up courage tu own up tu the truth, like
> a man. It's a tough job, though, to own that you've been made a darn'd
> coot, and a leetle wus than that - but all I've got to du is to grin
> and bear it.

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