apple davy?

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Wed Jan 20 21:21:19 UTC 2010

At 1/20/2010 02:54 PM, Robin Hamilton wrote:
>Joel noted:
>>I first saw the ole black oss,
>>He was standing on 'is 'ead, was that noble quadruped,
>>And a playing at a game o* pitch and toss.
>>He'd a fine Roman nose, and he walk'd on his toes,
>>I'll take my apple-davy it is true,
>>His neck was awry and he'd only got one eye,
>>And his tail was all a-swivel and a-skew.
>>So she says, says Mary Ann
>Could "apple-davy" as used in the line above be a nonce cod spelling of
>It almost sounds as if it ought to be cockney rhyming slang.

Well, I said my research gave me no clue as to the recipe!  But if
"apple-davy" above means "affadavit" (I too think it fits), it's
certainly not what's in the counting rhyme with currant Tam and Sugar
rollie.  That differently-spelled "apple-davie" sweet -- whatever it
is! -- surely must be what Michael Sheehan's informant's mother
remembered from years ago.


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