Who coined "irony deficiency"?

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Fri Jan 22 13:18:38 UTC 2010

>Date:    Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:07:37 -0500
>From:    "Joel S. Berson" <Berson at ATT.NET>
>Subject: Who coined "irony deficiency"?
>I first heard (and thought very clever) "irony deficiency" a couple
>of days ago on NPR.  A British writer was criticizing Americans
>generally for this syndrome.   But it appears to be wide-spread (I
>guess I haven't been listening).
>Is the coiner of "irony deficiency" known?

It brings the 3 Stooges to my mind: I think it's a Curley line. But I
might be misremembering.

---Amy West

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