"Have" redux: the rare triple-aux

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Jan 25 03:22:44 UTC 2010

I've been noticing listening to Troy Aikman, one of the FOX
announcers on their lead team now doing the NFC championship game,
that he has a number of constructions that I assume are
characteristic of his native Oklahoma syntax (after his college
career at UCLA, he returned to the Southwest for his career with the
Texas Cowboys).  One is the relative "what" (e.g. "X runs faster than
what Y does"), but another relates to the "Had he have/of"
construction we've touched on here.  So on the kickoff return by New
Orleans to begin the overtime period, Pierre Thomas gets it to the 39
yard line, but Aikman points out "A huge return. He probably gets a
little more yardage had he have/of not have stumbled."


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