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Were I a censuring man, I would save my censure for the clueless Pollyannas
who made it a requirement that each contesting NATIONAL pair in an
INTERNATIONAL competition do "an original dance that is representative of a
country's culture"--"a country", not necessarily their own.  Diversity--or
whatever it's being called this week--rots the mind.

Seán Fitzpatrick
It’s a Gnostic thing. You wouldn't understand.

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For what little that it may be worth, I side with the Australian
Bushmen and their extremely riche and secluded culture. It's the
minstrel show all over again. OTOH, it might be quite interesting to
see someone jumping Jim Crow on ice skates. You never know.


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> I hope this post doesn't offend any person of indigenous Australian
> (really!), but if it does it just proves my dismal point.
> JL

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