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Mon Jan 25 14:49:06 UTC 2010

On Jan 25, 2010, at 6:15 AM, Larry Horn wrote:

> At 2:09 AM -0500 1/25/10, Seán Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> Not to mention this example of hypercorrection:
>> 'In any case, as Labov said on NPR a few years ago: “Whatever the
>> influence
>> of the mass media are, it doesn’t affect the way we speak every
>> day...."'
>> Sean Fitzpatrick
> I don't think that's hypercorrection but
> agreement-with-the-closest; I'm sure Ben or
> Arnold can direct us to the relevant Language Log
> posts thereon.

agreement with the nearest is so routine that we haven't posted much
about it (concentrating instead on government by the nearest), though
we've posted about some special cases:

AZ, 1/27/05: Agreement with nearest always bad?

AZ, 4/4/09: Agreement with disjunctive subjects:

the more-or-less classic cases that give rise to AWN are: ordinary
postnominal modifiers, postnominal parentheticals, and coordinate


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