font help wanted (was: Translate the "Yanker didel" lyrics?)

Mark Mandel thnidu at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 29 03:53:18 UTC 2010

Since a hard disk replacement and massive file and app restoration on my
laptop a few months ago, I haven't been able to see all the characters I
used to. (No wisecracks, please.) Here's an odd case of it, in Paul's post.
I've quoted just the relevant paragraph, and pared that down to the first
line, the problem line, and the three lines from there to the end of the

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 5:44 PM, Paul Johnston <paul.johnston at>wrote:

> Isn't there also a derivation from "Janke"  (i. e. "Johnny", with the
> ...

there, and the resulting /E/ is lowered to [鎉 too, so that might
> work, but "buttermilk" comes out as "beutermulk" (I think) down
> there.  Otherwise, just junk: "tante" = "aunt", of course, and
> "tanden" (silent n) is "teeth".  Doesn't make sense.

What I see here is
     there, and the resulting /E/ is lowered to [_ too, so ...

where the left bracket is followed by a Chinese character of (magnify,
magnify, count) 19 strokes, I think.

Firefox 3.5.7, character encoding = UTF-8, default font Lucida Sans Unicode
(same character with Arial MS Unicode); WinXP + SP3.

Anybody got a clue what's happening, and how to fix it?

m a m

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