"my bad"

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Wilson, I was joshing about itinerant pickup basketball players.  But
my serious point was that it seemed unlikely that an oral expression
of 1980 New York City schoolyard basketball games could travel to
Nashville the same year.

A pick-up schoolyard basketball player would be a ringer if he were
an out-of-town NBA pro not known locally.  Or even an out-of-town
schoolyard basketball super-star not known locally.  Who was the NYC
schoolyard basketball whiz (of the 1960s?) everyone thought could
have been a pro?

(The money would come from successfully betting on
himself.  Especially if he could get better odds away from home.)


At 4/30/2010 05:04 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
>Joel, where would a random pick-up basketball player get the money for
>that kind of traveling? Under what circumstances could a pick-up
>basketball player be a "ringer"?
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> > At 4/30/2010 02:18 PM, victor steinbok wrote:
> >>But even beyond that, pick-up basketball games in the 1970s and the
> >>early 1980s, at least, were a melting pot of sociolects.
> >
> > But were there "ringers", travelling pickup basketball players, who
> > peripatated from, say, Brooklyn to Nashville, and brought bad with them?
> >
> > Joel

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