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I first heard "my bad" about 10 years ago or so.  It came from an educator I think, because I thought it was a word traveling in those circles.

Another new one is "the S (~es) days".  As in we don't go to school on the "S days".  Saturday and Sunday.  This came from my 5-year old grandson, learned in school.

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> At 4:33 PM +0200 4/30/10, Paul Frank wrote:
>>When did people start saying "my bad"? I never heard it in high school
>>in the late 70s in England and in university in the early 80s in
>>England. And I can't really remember when I first heard it in grad
>>school in the U.S., but it was probably in the early 90s. Or maybe I
>>wasn't listening and people have been saying it for centuries.
> To demonstrate that it was still not part of mainstream usage as late
> as 1997, cf.
> LH
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