_Break nasty_ = "jump salty"

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Sun May 2 14:50:23 UTC 2010

Interesting. I had not heard or seen either of these idioms before.

"Jump nasty" immediately reminded me of a Dr. John song (N.Orleans, sixties
- present) with the chorus

Jump Sturdy, Jump Sturdy was her name.
She came out the swamp like a crazy fool.

But I don't see any plausible connection. (The song, titled "Jump Sturdy",
is on his first LP, "*Gris-Gris"*, issued in the late sixties.)

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On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 6:04 PM, Wilson Gray <hwgray at gmail.com> wrote:

> Now in UD, with a surprising-reasonable set of definitions, from 2005.
> Otherwise, as far as the Web is concerned, _break nasty_ occurs only
> in the environment immediately before "... habits."
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