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> > And it's something else again for an American to
> > suspect that the President of the United States, duly elected by tens
> > millions of fellow citizens and vetted by an established national
>party is really
> > [the Antichrist].
> >
>True.  But on the other hand, if you were the Antichrist, wouldn't you
>incarnate yourself as a the President, use your Antichrist powers to get
>millions of people to vote for you, and put your Antichrist buddies in
>power in an established national party to vet you?  This seems a lot
>more likely than Antichristing at McDonald's by carrying the trash to
>the dumpster.

Wasn't that theory discredited in 1692, when it was finally
determined (after the trials were halted) that the Antichrist could
not take the form of an innocent person without that person's cooperation?


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