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> > > And it's something else again for an American to
> > > suspect that the President of the United States, duly elected by
> tens
> >of
> > > millions of fellow citizens and vetted by an established national
> >party is really
> > > [the Antichrist].
> > >
> >True.  But on the other hand, if you were the Antichrist, wouldn't
> >incarnate yourself as a the President, use your Antichrist powers to
> get
> >millions of people to vote for you, and put your Antichrist buddies
> >power in an established national party to vet you?  This seems a lot
> >more likely than Antichristing at McDonald's by carrying the trash to
> >the dumpster.
> Wasn't that theory discredited in 1692, when it was finally
> determined (after the trials were halted) that the Antichrist could
> not take the form of an innocent person without that person's
> cooperation?
I thought they only proved that if the Antichrist weighs the same as a
duck, he is also a witch.
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