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I've only done a quick listen to the link Tom posted, but she has pretty much a classic, if understated, New York accent. Both the /ay/ vowel and the /oh/ vowel are typical NYC. The way she says 'law' and 'all', as an open-o with a schwa off-glide (not raised, however, so not what used to be a lower-class version), and the /ay/ vowel (as in 'time') with a slightly rounded nucleus (technically backwards script-a).

I tried using IPA in these messages a few turns back and it turned into gibberish, so I won't bother.

She's not an 'awe-dropper', of course, because she lives east of the Mississippi (simplifying immensely...).


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> Elena Kagan.  I can't hear West side NYC at all.  Pretty standard USA
> accent.  Not an "awe dropper".
> http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2010/05/11/meet-elena-kagan?utm_source=email54&utm_medium=image&utm_campaign=court
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