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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 12 05:57:34 UTC 2010

Have you ever had your cell phone bill suddenly jump because you did not
notice your contract expired, so the rates changed without warning? Or
perhaps you wondered into a territory where your carrier has no network?
Apparently, an unexpected jump in a cell phone bill has its own name.
And FCC is on the case...
> The Federal Communications Commission is finally wading into the mess
> wireless consumers know as "bill shock," when their cellular bills
> skyrocket without any warning.
> The FCC is soliciting comments on ways to alert consumers when they're
> about to rack up extra charges. One idea is to follow the European
> Union's model of sending text messages to users when they're running
> up roaming charges or pushing up against their monthly limits.
> ...

There is a rather infamous case where a customer was charged network
connection and download charges--per kilobyte!--amounting to $18000 in a
little more than a month. The two-year contract had expired and although
the monthly charge for the calling minutes remained the same, it no
longer included the data connection. The case is being contested now.

I would have expected something a little more imaginative, but "bill
shock" it is.


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