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Thu May 13 05:25:19 UTC 2010

From:    Robin Hamilton <robin.hamilton2 at BTINTERNET.COM>
> Victor Steinbok wrote:

>> Had we all been still using dial-up, this would not happen. People
>> would eventually figure out that failure to edit replied-to content
>> results in increased upload and download time and they would end the
>> practice themselves. But, since most of us operate on bandwidth that
>> makes these differences imperceptible, someone has to pound a shoe on
>> the podium to get attention. Today, this shoe is mine.

> Concur (with Victor).

Offering another me-too, but with one additional reason for trimming
quoted text: For those of us who get ADS-L via daily digests, threads
with massive quantities of needlessly quoted material rapidly make
that entire day's digest effectively unreadable.

It seems this comes up anew every few months, after which things
improve a bit for a short while and then degrade again. Does the limit
on post length need to be less than 500 lines?

Very truly yours,
David Bowie

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