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Thu May 13 07:01:42 UTC 2010

Those of us who frequently post from blackberries can easily delete original text before writing, though that is not the default category. Not so easy with many e-mail systems, however.

Couldn't the list owner set ADS-L to cut off messages longer than, say, 100 lines? That would create a problem for bottom feeders, but they are declining in number because top+posting appears to be the default mechanism for most e-mail systems.

For me, the biggest waste of time are the one-line zingers and simple-minded I-agree-Bruces that add nothing to the discussion--especially when they come at the BOTTOM of 200 lines of text. It takes a lot of time and effort with a blackberry to get to the bottom of those long passages, and when I am travelling (I am on Barcelona right now) BlackBerry is my only option.
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