"NOT cheap imitations, but genuine replicas!" [NT]

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I should have made clear that I was quoting a spam ad for "Rolex"
watches, in which the distinction, "imitation" vs. "replica," is
laughably meaningless. What distinguishes between an "imitation" of a
Rolex and a "replica" of a Rolex? In neither case is the watch a
genuine Rolex. A difference that makes no difference is no difference.

Naturally, there do occur situations in which "imitation" vs.
"replica" makes complete sense.


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> 460 GB hits for "genuine replica(s)". No, I am not kidding.
> Among the first 30 hits the date range is 1886-2005, including this
> 1886 travel guide:
>> VI. Room: Genoese masters, such as: Strozzi, Portrait of a prelate; also, Titian, Mary Magdalene, a genuine replica of an oft-recurring subject, the landscape only free from retouching; Guercino, The tribute money.
> And this one from 1890 Good Housekeeping:
>> " Now, this work of art, madam," remarked the dealer " is a replica of the famous picture in the Corcoran gallery at Washington." " Well," replied Mrs. Taudree, eying the picture critically, " if you'll guarantee that it's a genuine replica, I'll take it."
> Compare that to the 2001 Martin Gardner book:
>> They are genuine replicas, not pseudo-replicas as in the scenarios by Reichenbach and Putnam.
> Also Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 7 (2005):
>> Each database has a unique replica ID that identifies it as a genuine replica and not just a copy of the ...
> [Presumably the missing text refers to data, but the page is not
> available in GB.]
> As I said, all of these appear on the first page of GB search (set to
> 30 hits per page).
> VS-)
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