"Bold Language"

Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton2 at BTINTERNET.COM
Fri May 14 19:03:15 UTC 2010

> Eoin C. Bairéad wrote:
>> Is 'bold' meaning 'naughty' now standard in American English?
> Note that New York Times house style is not the same as standard American
> English.  For example, the Times uses "string beans" while "green beans"
> seems to be displacing that term.  "String beans" is standard in NYC.
> --
> Dan Goodman

I always assumed this was a US/UK distinction, Dylan sounding quite exotic
to my Scottish ear when in the sixties he sang, "Give me a string bean, I'm
a hungry man" -- somehow, "Give me a green bean" doesn't have quite the same

Same vegetable, but.


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