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We are not alone with these problems. I just had dinner in a restaurant in Barcelona where "naranja" in Spanish was translated as "toronja" in Catalan--which  (if my memory is correct) means 'grapefruit' in Spanish. Further complicating matters, the Catalan word for 'grapefruit' is close in pronunciation (or so I was told) to "taronja" (somebody who knows these languages better than I do can perhaps sort out the spellings for me?).
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This evokes one of my cookbook pet peeves. It is very difficult to find recipes for these things because cookbooks never agree on what to call them. Sometimes you can find them under 'beans, green/string/pole...', but other times under 'string' or 'green' or something.
Just for fun I checked and found that 'string' and 'green' beans in 2 quick searches led to non-overlapping sets of recipes.


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> In the American South, we commonly refer to green/string beans as
> "snap beans" or "pole beans" (not parallel or distinguishing terms;
> "snap" refers to the manner of preparation for cooking; "pole" refers
> to the procedure for raising beans in the garden).

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