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> >>
> >> The report was from a US Navy plane, I believe.  Whether the sub
> >> actually sunk is open to question.
> >>
> >> On a TV show, sometime in the 1950's, maybe it was "I've Got a
Secret", the
> >> originator of the communication was the guest. (It was time when
WWII vets
> >> were no older than, say, Gulf War vets today). He explained that,
> for a reason I don't recall, communications such as the one in
question were, for
> >> that particular operation, to be phrased so that the initial letter
of each
> >> word was to be the same...hence the alliteration.
> >>
> >> Bill Palmer
> >>

Apparently the originator was Ensign Donald F. Mason of Rochester New
York (per Dallas Morning News, 6/25/1942 p 3)
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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