Clashing slang

victor steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 18 00:36:17 UTC 2010

Not quite "diddle", but I always wanted to use this line for some
academic purpose:

> The Clerk looked at the card suspiciously: "You don't look like a bone feed mast-fed Razor Back to me ... What you think about the Jeeeeews ... ?"
> "Well, Mr. Anker, you know yourself all a Jew wants to do is doodle a Christian girl . . . One of these days we'll cut the rest of it off."
> "Well, you talk right sensible for a city feller ... Find out what he wants and take care of him ... He's a good ol' boy."

Not one of the Naked Lunch lines that makes it into quotation
dictionaries, although one of the Routledge slang dict., Sex Slang and
the "New Partridge"--with with Tom Dalzell as the common factor. In
all, it shows up under "doodle". Of "doodle", "dawdle" and "diddle",
I've always thought of "doodle" as most benign...


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