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I recall reading a chapter entitled "Sighted Signature, Forged Same", in a
book on, perhaps, famous frauds and fakes. The subject was the (purportedly)
true story of a fairly ordinary guy who one day discovered he had the knack
of forging signatures quite convincingly and easily. I'm sure of the chapter
title, but Google doesn't deliver it.

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> Sorry about the broken link earlier. Even though I still haven't signed up
> for or other URL shorteners, the MWDEU entry seemed pertinent.
> To add just another item to the mix, here is American Heritage's usage note
> (it pretty much rephrases what has been said before, but still):
> "The expressions same and the same are sometimes used in place of pronouns
> such as it or one, as in When you have filled out the form, please remit
> same to this office. As this example suggests, the usage is associated
> chiefly with business and legal language, and some critics have suggested
> that it should be reserved for such contexts. But though the usage often
> does sound stilted, it occurs with some frequency in informal writing,
> particularly in the phrase lack of same, as in It is a question of money,
> or
> lack of same."
> I do agree that a distinction should be made between "same" with article
> and
> without, but in some contexts they appear to be used interchangeably.
> -- Rick
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> > Below is a shortened link that points to the entry on "The use of same
> > as a pronoun" in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage. It may
> > be useful for readers who wish to see the Shakespeare example and the
> > other 10 examples.  Hope it works for you:
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> > Garson
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