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>I don't care about Blumenthal's likely
>or unlikely political motivations--this is quite irrelevant to what I

Wow, such arrogance! Here's the thing: I don't care what you don't care
about. I answered as I chose to answer, and it was to the point. Further, I
wasn't even answering you; I was answering a query from the list. Get some
manners, boy, then come back for a conversation.


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 4:38 PM, David A. Daniel <dad at> wrote:
> As a guy who was in the Marine Corps Reserve, Blumenthal knows full well
> that he is not entitled to say that he was "in Vietnam". Someone who had
> been in the service(s) at all might make this mistake ("Yeah, my uncle was
> in Vietnam", or the like) but not someone who was. He just flat out lied,
> and has probably been lying, waffling and shuffling about his military
> service for his whole political life.
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> Victor,
> IMHO, this is hyperanalyzing a simple lie.
>  The man tried to claim, imply, suggest, assert, or whatever, that he had
> served in a combat zone, when he, demonstrably, had never done so.  And he
> did it purely for poitical gain, to gain votes from those who would
> him on the basis of his supposed service to his country.  Why try to find
> million ways where he could have been making a truthful statement that was
> simply misconstrued?
> He would have been better advised to weasel word a claim of military
> as a veteran of the Vietnam Era, which does not require that service have
> been in-country.
> Bill Palmer

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