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Wed May 19 00:16:22 UTC 2010

At 5:38 PM -0300 5/18/10, David A. Daniel wrote:
>As a guy who was in the Marine Corps Reserve, Blumenthal knows full well
>that he is not entitled to say that he was "in Vietnam". Someone who had not
>been in the service(s) at all might make this mistake ("Yeah, my uncle was
>in Vietnam", or the like) but not someone who was. He just flat out lied,
>and has probably been lying, waffling and shuffling about his military
>service for his whole political life.

Well, actually, that's not entirely true.  Blumenthal acknowledged at
a press conference today that he "misspoke" in the recent comment but
maintained that he had said correctly on earlier occasions that he
did *not* serve in Vietnam--and showed a clip of him onstage, at
another occasion, in which he indeed said just that.  So at most he
sometimes lies and sometimes doesn't, even if we're not willing to
grant that he "misspoke" rather than lied this time around.


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