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For a public official of such popularity, Blumenthal is also a mediocre
public speaker. On the stump this year he has been described as
"colorless". Certainly, if Linda McMahon is indeed his opponent, it will
be colorful against colorless.


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>> There's no comparison. I think if Bill had spent as much time trying to reconstruct his traffic accidents as Blumenthal has spent over the
>> years reflecting on his military service, Bill's driver's license would be long gone by now.
>> Blumenthal has had plenty of practice, Bill, I assume, hasn't.
>> It is hard to explain this away as a slip of the tongue: "I wore the
>> uniform
>> in Vietnam and many came back to all kinds of disrespect"  [
>> words-491710.php
>> ]
> That one is new to me, and makes think I should retract some of the
> specifics of my post.
> But I still believe that Blumenthal is not so much evil as he is
> careless.  And carelessness is sufficient grounds to reject him as an
> elected official under many circumstances (a point I did not make
> earlier).

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