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        I've been following this discussion with interest and actually
think that the content of the posts generally has been pretty high, even
though some of the language has been intemperate.  Without intending any
broader implications, however, I will say that lawyers, when not
practicing law, can be just as careless in their language as anyone

John Baker

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Two points here:  Blumenthal must have trained as a lawyer, since he
is the AG of CT.  It makes the carelessness defense rather doubtful,
IMO.  As to why would a politician indulge in an easily disprovable
lie: for the same reasons that animate most of their public life, for
gain.  Look at our vice president who told such an elaborate lie about
his own background when running for (was it president?) some years
ago, that it is astounding that his career survived at all.  I think
getting into office goes to the head of many, & they begin to think
they can get away with just about anything.

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