"put the 'Kibosh on 'em" (antedating, 1834)

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Forms such as "vich" for "which" or "vork" for "work" are a feature of Cockney speech. They are not necessarily eastern European/German.
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Notice the same pattern of an eastern European/German dialect being used.  "which=vich." and
so on and so on.

Sam Clements

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Subject: "put the 'Kibosh on 'em" (antedating, 1834)

> Charles Dickens wrote "...put the kibosk on her, Mary" in 1836.
> Here is an apparent antedating.
> Observer [London], Sunday Nov. 30, 1834, p. 4 col. 4.
> Retirement of the Late Ministry Explained
> ....Mr. Dyer put the moderate fine of one shilling and costs on both
> defendants-- "Ah!" said Smith, as he left the office, this here hact vos
> the vork of the Vigs, and now the Duke of Vellington as put the 'Kibosh'
> on 'em, vich they never would have got if they hadn't passed it; that's
> vat floored 'em.
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