Silent double-L?

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Fri May 21 01:36:40 UTC 2010

At 8:51 PM -0400 5/20/10, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>At 5/20/2010 12:25 PM, Steve Kl. wrote:
>>A few of french origin, like maillot and paillard
>Perhaps not even the latter?  The OED has Brit.
>/{sm}pal{shti}{fata}{lm}d/, U.S.
>/{sm}pælj{schwa}rd/ -- buried in which seem to be Ls: "pal" and "pael".

The dictionaries I've looked at also posit an /l/
in "coquille", which I don't put there on the few
occasions in which I utter the word while
speaking English.  But arguably when "paillard of
veal" and "coquille St. Jacques" are uttered
/l/-lessly in English, they're still uttered as
French words, not English ones.


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