Crowning or slating

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Sat May 22 02:57:58 UTC 2010

George Thompson wrote:
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> Here are two words not in the OED under this sense, although the OED has "To bait, assail, or drive, with dogs" for "slating", under "slate", verb no. 3.  HDAS has "crowning" as "to hit sharply on the head"; what it has for "slating" we do not know, thanks to the cursed Bertelsman company, and the cursed Oxford University Press, which now holds the rights to HDAS but hasn't issued the unpublished volumes. ....

Here I think "slate" is probably this one:

<<SLATE, to knock the hat over one's eyes, to bonnet. -- _North._>>

(John Camden Hotten, _The Slang Dictionary_ [London, 1872], p. 234)

... also in Farmer & Henley, etc.

-- Doug Wilson

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