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> OED and BNW both have "fanfic" only from 1976 in American Speech, so it's obviously older than that. I've also heard just plain "fic" (and writers of fanfic are called "ficcers" -- not sure which came first, there).  Since fanfic now completely transcends genre (or is itself its own genre), I gave up looking for cites for the other various forms, and most fanfic terms, since sorting out the ones originating in SF fandom (with a few exceptions that were clearly from Trek fandom) was impossible to all intents and purposes.  And then there are "fanvids" as well (made by "vidders", naturally), also not in OED or BNW, although it would surprise me not at all if the Trekk[er|ie]s didn't start that, as well.

Slash fiction is commonly regarded as a subset of fanfic, but I wonder if the Cameron/Clegg slash that's floating around after the UK election counts as fanfic in the first place.


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