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Sun May 23 04:38:36 UTC 2010

Minor correction--the blog is Volokh's, but the line is Jon Adler's. I
suppose, I could just ask him. Or you can do that.


On 5/22/2010 11:20 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
> At 10:28 PM -0400 5/22/10, victor steinbok wrote:
>> Yes, thanks! I noticed it, but as soon as I went to look for a
>> standard example, I forgot to mention it.
>> VS-)
> That could be relevant, but the first few pages of "so much of a
> peep" have only one example of the kind below--the one Victor cites.
> The others all involve negative polarity licensers (overt negation,
> "without", "never", "if", "yet to", etc.).  Volokh's is either a typo
> or an outlier.
> LH
>> On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 9:04 PM, Gordon, Matthew J.
>> <GordonMJ at>  wrote:
>>>   It might be important that in the example that Victor cited it's
>>> "so much OF a peep" not "so much as a peep." Thus, it's
>>> interpretable as "something that is very peep-like," in other words
>>> it was only a peep and nothing louder.
>>>   -Matt Gordon

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