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Rick Barr rickbarremail at GMAIL.COM
Sun May 23 21:39:46 UTC 2010

I recently came across the poster for the movie The Joneses. Wiki presents
it here:

Some of the specific clothing items mentioned there were new to me. When
I've come to the subject of items of clothing, especially with women, I've
often felt at a loss with many words that pop up in conversation. It seems
sartorial innovations, small or big, constantly produce names that are not
always easy to catch up with. Something like MW's Visual Dictionary
(available online:
is of limited use precisely because of that dynamism; note, e.g., that "tank
top" is shown as an item of children's clothing in that dictionary.

Does anybody on the list know of a reliable dictionary for clothing terms,
which would be even better if it had images to go with the names? Or are
store catalogues the most reliable source for that terminology?


-- Rick

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