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Rick Barr rickbarremail at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 26 01:44:22 UTC 2010

"Therefore all who devour you shall be devoured, and all your foes, everyone
of them, shall go into captivity."
This is Jeremiah 30:16 in the New Revised Standard Version (as reprinted by
The New Oxford Annotated Bible).

What caught my eye was the word "everyone" written as a single word. The
NRSV is finely edited, so that if this is indeed a mistake, it would be the
first I've seen in that translation. Do others also see it as a mistake?

The MWDEU entry on "everyone" concerns itself with the use of singular or
plural pronouns, and so it is of no use in this case. MWDEU is available in
Google Books starting here:

Garner (GMAU) has the following note under the heading "everyone": "If
you're unsure about whether the single word 'everyone' is right, mentally
substitute the synonymous 'everybody' to see whether the sentence still
makes sense; if it does, 'everyone' is the correct form" (p. 327). According
to this Garner test, the NRSV citation is indeed mistaken.

I couldn't pin down a reference to this topic in the archives, so I'm sorry
if it has been discussed in the list before. But may it be that the
"everyone" / "every one" distinction is blurring now, and that both are
becoming interchangeable?

-- Rick

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