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Maybe this is because "rebuilding" is merely an empty phrase when applied to this years Indians, who are worse off this year than last year (when they fired the entire coaching staff, traded away ther best players, and replaced them with the current bozos).
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I was out and about running errands, and had the Yankees game on in the
car. Doing the set-up for the game, Suzyn Waldman, the Yankees color
analyst, described the Indians as being in a "rebuilding phrase" (yes,
with an unmistakeable /r/). Just as I decided that it was an obvious
speech error, she said it again, again with an unmistakeable /r/ in
"rebuilding phrase". In neither case was there an obvious source for the
/r/ (perseveration from the initial /r/ in rebuilding isn't all that
likely, given the different syllable structure. I didn't notice a Cr-
cluster later in the discussion either. My imagination is, likewise,
failing me with regard to analyzing this as an eggcorn of sorts.

Amazingly enough, a google search for "rebuilding phrase" gives a
non-null return.

 From an NFL draft preview
<http://www.thebreakaway.net/forums/showthread.php?t=49694&page=7>: "The
49ers have finished their rebuilding phrase and are now improving their
defense, it starts with drafting an upcoming promising Cornerback from
Nevada who will give the 49ers a refreshing age in the Secondary."

 From a comment to a blog posting on the Denver Post web site
<http://blogs.denverpost.com/avs/2009/04/22/neil-smith/>: "The next GM
should focus more on making good drafts and developing in house talents.
We are in the rebuilding phrase and dont have to make the playoffs next

Other instances are more on the mention side of the use/mention divide,
from a Toronto Blue Jays message board at MLB.com
"Why do you think AA is using the term "building" ? He knows full well
that the rebuilding phrase has people cancelling their season tickets in

(Interestingly, other hits that fall on the mention side seem
disproportionately to be from Toronto.)
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