Maxim of acting: Honesty ... fake that, I'll have it made (1962 April 6)

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Faking sincerity sounds more right to be said by an actor such as
Olivier than faking truth.


At 12/18/2011 10:35 PM, Garson O'Toole wrote:
>Dan Goncharoff wrote:
> >
> > Are you aware that a version of the line is in the new movie "My Week with
> > Marilyn", based on Colin Clark's diaries from the time he worked as
> > Olivier's assistant during the filming of the movie "The Prince and the
> > Showgirl" in 1956.
> >
> > The line put in Olivier's mouth, if my memory serves, was "Truth...when you
> > can fake that, you'll  have a good career."
>Dan: Many thanks for this fun piece of information.
>There is a script for "My Week With Marilyn" online at the website of
>The Weinstein Company. The script may be incorrect. Also, duing
>filming sometimes scripts are modified or ignored. Nevertheless, this
>script does contain a version of the quotation.
>MY WEEK WITH MARILYN by Adrian Hodges
>PAULA bristles at this insult to her husband's work.
>Pretend? We're talking about the difference between the truth and
>artificial crap.
>We're in absolute agreement, Paula. Acting is all about sincerity. And
>if you can fake that, you're off to the races.
>PAULA only stares at him in disgust. Thoroughly alarmed MILTON intervenes.
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