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The OED definition of "choreography" and related terms seem only to
refer to dance.  Nothing about gymnastics, figure skating, or even more
distantly related activities like staging a fight in a movie.

_Juggle_ Mar/Apr 2005 p 8  col 3
"The rules to the competition are pretty straightforward: 1) find a
piece of music that was either written by Bix Beiderbecke or that
includes Bix as one of the musicians, and 2) choreograph a juggling
routine to the music."

Eugene OR _Register-Guard_ 8/26/1973 p. 16D col 6 [UPI on GoogleNews
"Stevens, 35, is a quiet man, who would rather choreograph a fight scene
than be interviewed."

St. Petersburg FL _Evening Independent_ 6/28/1973 p B-1 col 6
[GoogleNews Archive]
"In films, the Chitwoods choreograph their own stunts although the
director naturally has final say-so."

Lumberton NC _The Robesonian_ 9/27/1970 p 10B col 6 [AP on GoogleNews
"But a director is essential -- to pull together the whole, to revise
positions, choreograph the camera work, adjust lighting, even make
certain a door slams loud enough or a bell rings at the exact moment it
is needed."
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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