Modern Proverb: Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill (1977 July 29)

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 Jonathan Lighter wrote:
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> ... The other that sticks in my mind (also subsequently
> famous) is "Age and treachery will always defeat youth
> and skill."

Here are two of the earliest instances I have located for this modern proverb.

Cite: 1977 July 29, Seattle (Daily) Times, Shirting the alcohol issue
by Walter Evans, Page A-10, Column 1, Seattle, Washington.

ADVICE TIMES: Bob O'Connell had some pens made with his advertising
slogan: "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill." And who
can knock that?

Cite 1977 September 10, Seattle (Daily) Times, The ladies compared
chests, but decorously by John Hinterberger, Page A-9, Seattle,
Washington. (Genealogybank)

An elegant older woman made her way through the throng nibbling on a
tea cake. Her beige chemise was ornamented with:
"Old Age and Treachery Will Triumph Over Youth and Skill."

In 1938 an example depicting the reversal of the proverb (in variant
form) appeared in the Boston Globe. This citation is unverified
because I do not have access to the ProQuest Boston Globe in 1938.

Pay-Per-View - Daily Boston Globe - ProQuest Archiver - Jul 3, 1938
He was strong hard unrelenting even in defeat but he could understand
Hugh's victory and bow to itthe splendid victory of youth and love
over age and treachery.


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