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I chose brute force and ran through the entire list of 380 actual GB hits
for "the-reveal" between 1900 and 1975. The reward?

Eavesdropper at large: adventures in human nature with "Candid Mike" and
"Candid Camera". Allen Funt. 1952
p. 43
> That way, he'll be more likely to stay with me at the "reveal," because
he'll want to rescue his property. It doesn't always work, though, and I've
got a collection of gloves, deposit receipts, mechanical pencils, and the
like to prove ...
[also p. 66, but nothing shows up in snippet]

I triple checked the publication date and the text, although not on paper.
There are at least two scanned copies in GB and both reveal the same passage
(and hide the same /other/ passage).

For the "broadcasting/TV" antedating (other than Funt's own), I found a
Status & Diplomat. Volume 18. 1967 [Intrinsic references point to accuracy
of the date tag.]
[GB p. 145]
[From snippet]
> ... if you're still with this luxuriance, and starring, ladies and
gentlemen, what you've been waiting for (and what appears in a moment the
trade reverently terms The Reveal) and starring something that will outsell
anthing in your fondest dreams ...
[From the preview]
> The Reveal is always greeted with paroxysms of joy, whistles, cheers and
other signs of approval from the captive audience, who have much at stake in
believing that they are on the side of the good guys. One of the greatest
Reveals of ...
The Reporter. Volume 31. 1964 [Intrinsic references point to accuracy of the
date tag.]
[GB p. 46]
> The magic moment as essential to auto shows as horses are to Westerns, is
known in the trade as the "reveal." Properly done, it can make even the most
cynical pedestrian weep. A nother warm-weather staple is the preview of fall
fashions and fabrics.

I found one reference to AHD4 2.: window frame in an automobile.
Automotive Industries, Volume 121
[GB p. 75]
> ... convertible tops, behind the reveal moldings, as general purpose
thumbing type sealers around the roof and floor seams, and around the

Not a whole lot of information to go on. But it points in the right
direction--AHD got it right, for sure. Not clear how the term came about.
If, in fact, it is only in reference to convertibles, then this may be a
generalized sense of the architectural reveal--think of the extended arch of
the window to support the top. If, however, it was in broader use, I have no
idea of the origin.

For n.1 1. interdating (between 1997 and 1858):
Theory and Decision. Vols. 1-2. 1971-2
[GB p. 196]
> The reveal of an significant isolation of the theoretical from the
empirical practizing of science brings us a first insight in certain
peculiarities of the history of European sociology.

In this case, I am going to blame it on the ESL status of the writer
(although I don't know who the writer is--"practizing" appears in the

Same here:
[Techinical Papers--Society of Plastics Engineers] 1966 [I am not sure about
the title, but certain about the date!]
> The reveal of the multistage nature of the polymer crystallization process
which is explained by development of number of various forms of
macromolecular aggregation makes it necessary to consider not only the
quantitative side of the...

Also here:

Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Biologica. 1972-1975 [Quite certain about the
title, even though GB says "Geologica". But the date is not clear--the
transactions are for 1972-3, but published in 1974-5.]
[GB p. 147]
> Some astonishing morphological features cause that the position of the
taxon within any of hitherto known subfamilies in their contemporary
definitions is uncertain (as explained more in detail in the Discussion) so
that the reveal of the new genus seems to be a rather important one of the
viewpoint of major classification of the family Cleridae.

I found two others, both in German biological journals--again, likely an ESL
writer. Nothing else--which, of course, is suggestive.

The rest fell into four categories: "to repeal" or "they repeal" misreading;
"the" and "repeal" coming from different columns; "repeal" being broken off
from some suffix, including "er", "ing", "ment", etc.; and, of course, the
architectural/mechanical jargon. In passing, I also noticed that some
publications on history of architecture also referred to "the reveal" and
"the reveal pin" as being equivalent to "the keystone".


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