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| Using AI To Identify Innuendo
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|   posted by samzenpus on Friday April 29, @14:13 (AI)

[0]angry tapir writes "Turning seemingly normal comments into sexual
innuendo by adding the words 'That's what she said' is a cultural
phenomenon. This has led some to wonder whether it is possible to
determine when it is appropriate to add those magic four words to a
sentence. As it turns out, identifying humor through software is hard.
Two researchers at the University of Washington, however, were willing to
give it their best shot. In a recently released paper entitled 'That's
What She Said: Double Entendre Identification,' the researchers describe
what they've found and introduce their new approach to the problem: '[1]Double
Entendre via Noun Transfer' or DEviaNT for short." It's good to know that
someone is trying to make sure the human race gets a sufficiently lewd AI
one day.

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