speed humps

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Mon May 2 01:02:18 UTC 2011

I do recall that earlier discussion, but I've still never seen a sign
with that warning.  My first reaction was that after screaming at us
all those years about how "SPEED KILLS", speed was trying a Make Love
Not War strategy.


At 7:07 PM -0400 5/1/11, Garson O'Toole wrote:
>Speed hump was mentioned on the list in January 2003.
>A "speed hump" appears to be wider than a "speed bump" based on images
>and descriptions given in the following links.
>On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 6:55 PM, Jonathan Lighter
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>>  While driving in an unfamiliar part of town this week, my glance fell upon a
>>  roadside sign advertising
>>  Naturally I assumed I'd strayed into a demi-monde area. But imagine my
>>  chagrin when I found that the sign was merely warning motorists against what
>>  us regular people call "speed bumps."
>>  It was an official municipal-type sign, too.
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