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> Also used on the side of the road to shake someone into the awareness that
> they're drifting off the road. Sometimes called "drunk bumps". Â For more
> roadway word fun, there's also "Bott's Dots" :

The article says:

"Botts' dots replace the painted median stripes."

Not IME in CA. They're placed on top of the Scotchlited median stripes
and other lane dividers. Unfortunately, I haven't been to CA since
'86, which, though it feels like only yesterday, was quite a while
ago, in fact.

"Reflective Stimsonite pavement markers are placed at regular
intervals between Botts dot markings to increase the visibility of
lane markings _at night_."

They likewise increase the visibility of lane markings during the day,
since they reflect the sun.

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