Even Further Antedating of "Hot Dog"

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I believe Barry Popik, as part of his magnificent researches into the history of food terms, has traced the term "hot dog" as far back as September 1893.  I previously found a May 1893 citation from a New Brunswick, New Jersey newspaper.  Here is an 1892 citation, also from a New Jersey newspaper:

Somehow or other a frankfurter and a roll seem to go right to the spot where the void is felt the most.  The small boy has got on such familiar terms with this sort of lunch that he now refers to it as "hot dog."  "Hey, Mister, give me a hot dog quick," was the startling order that a rosy-cheeked gamin hurled at the man as a Press reporter stood close by last night.  The "hot dog" was quickly inserted in a gash in a roll, a dash of mustard also splashed on to the "dog" with a piece of flat whittled stick, and the order was fulfilled.

Paterson (N.J.) Daily Press, Dec. 31, 1892, page 5, column 2 (Google News)

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