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Cunt-sucker - 1903 - descriptive

³Now, my dear,² Aurora implored, ³let me feel your tongue well in, and see
if you can make me spend like my Harry does. That¹s right, open it well and
lick the side up and down, especially the knob at the top. That¹s the
sensitive part. Delightful. I am sure you¹ll make a splendid cunt-sucker
with practice.²
­ Anon, 'The Initiation of Aurora Trill', London, 1903 [? Paris, Gaucher]
(Clifford J. Scheiner, 'The Essential Guide to Erotic Literature, Part I,
Before 1920', Wordsworth Classic Erotica, 1996, 256)

~ Neil Crawford

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