Q: "to taper" = "to gradually *increase* in intensity"

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> Subject:      Q: "to taper" = "to gradually *increase* in intensity"
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>>I stayed [after the conference] to do the marathon on Sunday and had
>>a lot of fun; however, I found that sitting for 2-3 days
>>in  seminars and at meetings was definitely not a good way to taper for a race!
> I assume the writer means "taper up" for the race, rather than "taper
> down" from the meetings.

Perhaps from : taper -  to reduce gradually. Or taper off

How to Taper Before a Race

Tapering means cutting back on running in the time before a race. This
cutting back in activity helps your body and mind to be rested and


Tapering for Optimal Race Performance

... A recent paper published in the International Journal of Sports
Medicine reviewed more than 50 scientific studies on tapering to find
out whether tapering betters performance, and how to go about it. The
review showed that there is no question tapering works. Most studies
found an improvement of about 3% when athletes reduced their training
before competition. This translates to more than five minutes for a
three-hour marathoner or more than a minute for those racing 10K in 40


How to Taper for Your Road Race by Bob Cooper
Runner’s World

Tapering isn't just for marathoners. In fact, one recent study showed
a huge performance benefit when subjects tapered for a 5K.

Here's how to taper for four common road-racing distances: 5K

Cut your normal mileage in half the week before your 5K race, but
maintain some intensity. Early in the week, run 4 x 400 meters at your
5K goal pace with a 200-meter jog between repeats. Later in the week,
jog two miles, then run 6 or 8 x 100-meter strides at 90 percent of
maximum speed. Run easy the other days.


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